Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Portfolio Screen Designs Version 2

I've just completed version 2 of my screen designs, and I would appreciate some feedback.

Home page screen design

Interior page screen design

I've added an image viewer to my interior page to attempt to make the viewing of images a little bit better. I would like to make it in Javascript, but I'm not sure if it might be a bit too complicated. The thumbnails display could be done easily enough, but I think I would struggle with the zoom in, zoom out and drag features.


Julian Dyer said...

I still think the design is far too wide - it needs reducing by at least a fifth before the line length will be readable. Also, your design could do with the fonts, colours etc. adding on to it. Are the fonts you've used web safe?

I also think it should say "the portfolio of Craig Burgess - for Craig burgess makes it sound like someone else has made it!

The 'the' part of the smaller thumbs also looks a bit too small - how about having it the same scale as it is on the larger thumbnails? Just a thought.

Using a Javascript or Flash thing for the displaying of work might also be a bad move - people quickly move away from fiddly controls - come to the Lightbox darkside!

Craig Burgess said...

I think I will try bumping up the font size. On reflection, the font size is really small and that could be a bit bigger.

Agree on the "portfolio FOR" comment, never really noticed that before. Cheers.

Still not decided on the image viewer thing, but I just wanted to gauge opinions on the possibility of a Javascript image viewer.

Chris Towell said...

I disagree about the Flash = Fiddly comment. If Craig designs it well (which he will) it should work fine.

The line length is a little too long though Craig on the Work page. You could easily sort this by adding the thumbnails in a div to the right of the text. This would work just as well and it would reduce the line lenth slightly.

Maybe you might want to pass these comments on to who ever designed your portfolio site.

Scott Dunwoodie said...

It is hard to comment on the image viewer without seeing it. Is there an example anywhere that we can see?

I don't think there is anything else to comment about as the design is working well.

The "portfolio for" Craig doesn't bother me, you could be going for the "elusive" designer angle.

Craig Burgess said...

This is a similar kind of thing that I am planning on using. It's probably going to be impossible to create my own, so I am going to look around for some effective, lightweight AJAX solutions.